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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 8, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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>> one more thing before we go tonight. if you are in atlanta or the atlanta area on sunday, december 18th, come out and they can out our concert, salute to the troops. we have some tickets north. greta is next. see you home. tonight an explosive day on capitol hill. two big names get grilled, former senator jon corzine and attorney general eric holder. you will hear from both anyone a few minutes. and an extraordinary move from frontrunner newt gingrich. he just announced who he would make his secretary of state, former u.n. ambassador john bolden. but will he take the job if the speaker gingrich is elected? he's here to tell you himself. and where is the money? how did $1.2 billion of client money vanish? what is what jon corzine told congress. >> i was stunned when i was told on sunday, october 30, 2011 that mf could not -- mf global could
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not account for many hundreds of millions of dollars of client money. i remained deeply concerned about the impact that the unreconciled and frozen funds have on mt global's customers and others. i simply do not know where the money is or why the accounts have not been reconciled today. >> he simply is it not know. now, is that answer enough? are we any closer fining out what really led to mf global's demise? we have more on today's hearing from capitol hill. >> greta, it's been over 100 years that a former senator has been forced to testify before congress. jon corzine, who served as u.s. senator and governor of new jersey did just that today, testifying before the house agriculture committee about his role as the ceo of commodities giant mf global whose collapse was the eighth largest bankruptcy in u.s. history. what everyone wanted to know is
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why an estimated $1.2 billion of customer funds has since gone missing? >> i'm not in a position, given the number of transactions, to know anything specifically about the movement of any specific funds, and i will repeat, i certainly would never intend to direct or have segregated funds moved. i simply do not know where the money is or why the accounts have not been reconciled today. >> so what happened to the money? well, as we heard from his testimony, he simply doesn't know. and it's interesting that jon corzine chose to testify as opposed to pleading the fifth because everything he said today can be used against him in the fbi and federal regulators have initiated investigations into the matter. what is ultimately at stake is whether or not mf global, under the leadership of jon corzine,
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improperly used customer funds to finance a a multibillion dollars gamble on european death that ultimately destroyed the company. perhaps we will find out on more appearance on the hill. next tuesday he's been subpoenaed to appear before the senate agriculture committee and two weeks from today on thursday he will appear back on the house side before the house financial services committee. >> is apology enough? former governor jon corzine said he's devastated, devastated what the bankruptcy has done to the customers but he insists he doesn't know where the missing money is. so is the house committee at all satisfied? congresswoman reneealbers joins us. >> you questioned him today. are you satisfied he tells you everything he knows and did you think that he was candid? >> i thought he was very contrite, he was very humble, but his answers really weren't
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satisfactory i don't believe to the entire committee. you know, he answered to a certain point. he did submit a 21-page statement. and he didn't plead the fifth, we we all appreciated very much because we want answers and we want answers for our constituents. we all have farmers, producers back home, ranchers, who have invested their money and their money is gone. >> he said i take full responsibility. >> yeah. >> what does that mean? i mean, the fact is he's the ceo. there's anywhere from $600 million to 1 .$2 billion of peoples life savings totally wiped out and he's probably still a very wealthy man. >> he did say the buck stops here. he did take responsibility, and yet said that he isn't sure where the fault lies. it's interesting, too, that you were talking about him as ceo because he actually stepped out and re signed on november 3rd after finding out this information, according to him, on october 30th.
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that was one of my questions, why did you resign? what was your reasoning? and he basically said he was compelled to do so by the chairman of the board. >> and i take responsibility, and i never quite understood what that is when all the people are left holding the bag when he says that. that's one thing. the other thing is that one of the people in charge of regulating or watching commodities future trading commission, that is run by gary gentzler, someone he has no one tore years, they both worked at goldman sachs for a lot of years, i'm sure they both walked away with a lot of money. it's way too cozy i think for the american people. do you intend to dig into that relationship, see if there's anything there that is way too cozy? >> absolutely, and that was one of my questions as well. because we understand there has been a long time relationship starting back when they were at goldman sachs together. and my question to him was have you had a long-going personal relationship with him?
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interestingly enough, he did not come to the hearing of the panel we had prior. >> gentzler? >> yes, and he had another commissioner come instead. our under standing during the hearing was it was on behalf of a request by someone in the senate. my question to ms. summers was that's all pine and good but we are the house of representatives and he's come on a number of times already throughout the year and testified in front of us in hearings basically asking for more money for cftc and different requests from the agriculture committee. >> it still disturbs me. if you are the receptionist at a church and there's $50 missing from the clerk, the police will ascend on you pretty fast and you have to do some explanning. it almost is like when we get to the big numbers we aren't horribly scanneddized and the ceo comes in and says i take full responsibility and everyone says i took full responsibility.
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no, he didn't. >> now that he is no longer with mf global, it's interesting to know how he will be able to actually, if he truly does mean to get to the bottom of this, how will he be able to be involved? so we understand, and i think he understands, as well, this is not going to end. the committee is going to continue on. we want to get to the bottom of this. he maintains that he wants to return all the money, find it and return it all to those customers basically. i'm a little hesitant to believe that's going to happen. >> he doesn't know where the money is, that's bizarre. it's his responsibility, that's bizarre. he has a duty to his client and nobody knows where it is. and the man is rumored to be organized maybe $100 million or $200 million. he could keep $25 million of his own and take the other 75 and finish to start helping people because there are a lot of people that are actually more devastated than he is. >> absolutely. and he apologized and said he was devastated by this but
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certainly he was questioned many times from our committee saying what are we going to tell our constituents back home. >> but how can the money be missing? i mean, they have got to have -- i have to file expense reports when i travel across the river for fox. money doesn't just disappear. how can he not know where the money is? it just doesn't make any sense to me. >> that's when he was trying to maintain of he's trying to get to the bottom of it. >> but he's been the ceo for some time. that's a lousy excuse. >> and they actually showed that about a week earlier prior to the bankruptcy they actually had a regulatory -- they were clear. they had an on-site audit that showed they were clear by the regulators. >> i know. but the regulators, do you think they ought to be pulled? you ought to subpoena them. >> absolutely. this is only the beginning d only the beginning. >> and i get that. anyway, councilwoman, thank you. i hope you come back. >> i would love to. thank you. >> former governor corzine doesn't take the fifth amendment, he didn't assert his
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right to remain silent. instead he says he sees the importance of congressional oversight. will that decision come back to haunt him and get him into legal trouble? our legal panel joins us in san francisco. formerrer prosecutor michael kardoza and tony. if he was your client would he of it today? if he was my client, he would not be up there to of it because not only is he facing charges as pertains to the various embezzlement but he also could be looking at perjury if they find he lied to congress. and as far as i'm concerned, this was a ceo and he's either one of two things, stuck on stupid or stuck on stupid. it is stupid to believe that $1.2 billion of these investors' money is gone, and he doesn't know where it is? give me a break. >> actually watched it live today and i enjoyed the congresswoman's questions. they were about the most penetrating and studied ones by
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anybody there. but he was contrite and genuine. he said the buck stops here. >> what does that mean, though? it's a little late for the buck stops here. why didn't the buck stop here when it was happening? >> last week ted lost five dollars in the fox parking lot, and we spent hours looking for t we didn't find it but we know where we last saw it. it was in the parking lot. but the bo bottom line is he's not going to get indicted. >> well if there was even a crime. let's say they are really rotten investments, they are incompetent and he didn't police the company. that's not a crime. >> millions is probably could be neglect lens, but a billion? somebody was committing a crime, i think. >> michael, what do you think? >> well, i'll tell you, if he were my client, no, he would not have testified. he re minds me of roger clemens. remember rodger when he voluntarily went before the senate? and here we have mr. corzine going before voluntarily.
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why? can't you just see the feds out there waiting? they are going to prosecute him and they are going to use some of the things that he said today to do that. remember, he said things like, well, i didn't intend for the money to go here or to be used in the european markets. well, hey, pal, you are the ceo of this company. you are ultimately responsible and it's time the feds step up and go after the big guys and quit going after the little guys like they did with the loan mortgage fraud. remember they didn't go after anybody big, they went after all the little guys. go after the guys at top. they are responsibility, they are the ones with the money. >> it's -- the amount of money is so incredible. as i watched, my first instinct when i saw it, i that you, oh, he feels bad and i thought wait a second, he feels bad? how about all the people who are truly suffering? i thought why in the world is he testifying? for a second he almost got a
7:12 pm
hook in me. and i like corestein. he was a guest of mine years ago. but he has been to so many hearings himself. he's been sitting up there asking the questions. i think he was so plain. >> he's accustomed and he's very sharp and just he's comfortable up there. but i think he was contrite, sincere, but he cam right up to the line and didn't admit fault. >> for himself? >> certainly for himself, yeah. when there's billion dollars around, his lawyer said you go in front of congress, you may open your mouth to the point you end up in prison >> if he made any gesture that he would dislodge himself -- i don't know how much money is left, but dislodge himself of everything except $25 million. i know he's not legally responsible but i would buy more the i take responsibility stuff. >> he's no dumb man. he was a governor, a senator, chairman of goldman sachs.
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he has knowledge of all these schemes. >> and look at his friends. gary gentzler should be doing some level of oversight on this. he's an old guy from goldman sachs. >> and take it one stepfatherrer. one of the executives there informed him that there was some shinanigans with the book and he left shortly after getting into an argument with this guy corzine. >> michael? >> this guy is a smart guy. he has a very strong personality. and that's what has made him so successful. but what is going to destroy him are those very things because he hasn't listen to his attorney. albeit they prepared him well for today under the circumstances. but it's time he listens to the lawyers because, yes, he should help find that money, but there's another bucket that he has to hook at and that's that he's possibly going to be
7:14 pm
prosecuted. and in that vein, listen to your lawyers. you are not smarter than they are when it comes to these type of things. >> well, i think, you know, the american people out there are getting more sicker and sicker and sicker of these huge amount of moneys being transferred around wall street and lining people's pockets and the little guy gets ripped off. but i'll take the last word on that. gentlemen, thank you very much. and straight ahead, eric holder insists known in the justice department is lying but accusations to the temporary are flying. and little frontrunner newt gingrich is planning ahead. he says he wants ambassador john bolten to be his secretary of state but when the ambassador take the job? he's here to tell any a few minutes. and chris christie brings a little bit of jersey to iowa. what sparked his cutting remarks and who was the target this time? you will hear is all coming up. >> listen, you know what? we are used to dealing with jokers like this in new jersey
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>> republican lawmakers say heads should roll, even threatening impeachment but eric
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holder is adamant, he will not resign. and today he testified to congress about operation fast and furious. >> mr. attorney general. >> i was in the middle of an answer, i think. >> you are in the middle of filibustering so i will let you answer. i have two more things to quickly go over and then you can have all the time the chairman will give you. does it surprise you that these boxes, five boxes, represent just what one gun dealer gave us voluntarily? well, in fact, this seems to be all the information you have responsive to our is. the president has said he has full confidence in this attorney general. i have no confidence in a president who has full confidence in an attorney general who has, in fact, not terminated or dealt with the individuals, including key lieutenants who from the very beginning had some knowledge and long before brian terry was gunned down new enough to stop this program. >> allowing guns to walk, whether in this administration or the prior one, is wholly
7:20 pm
unacceptable. the use of this misguided tactic is inexcusable and must never happen again. >> so how did the attorney general do? congressman steve king joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta >> did attorney general eric homer tell you who authorized fast and furious and of and who is the highest ranking person who knew about the operation before it was authorized and then during the time it was in operation? >> he did not. i did not hear the answer to that question today. it was one i submitted to him in writing prior to the hearing. i didn't see it be part of his written testimony and actually i ran out of time before i posed the question directly to him and i expected to follow it up in a written portion that will happen in the next week. >> and this has now gone on about ten months, and the fact he hasn't answered this question is because he just said it's wholly unacceptable. that's one thing. he also testified today, he said that fast and furious is going to continue to have tragic consequences, and congressman po said more people are going to die probably and hold rear flied
7:21 pm
unfortunately i think that's probably true. and here is what is so egregious. all this time, this ten months, is whoever was so stupid to authorize this operation, which the attorney general himself admits was wholly unacceptable, and people died, is still sitting in the justice department because no one will tell us who the one is with such flawed judgment. >> that's right. the individual, the highest up the ladder that would have authorized fast and furious, if eric holder won't answer the question, you have to wonder if he's the person. and there's a great gap in the communication around fast and furious with eric holder's e-mail. and he would argue maybe didn't talk about it in my e-mail and he answered that he provided all the information. chairman issa put up the boxes of documents of that been delivered from the federally licensed firearm dealers in comparison to the answers they
7:22 pm
got from eric holder and after that congressman franks carefully asked a question that got holder say, yes, i didn't give all the information to darryl ice saw on request, there's other information out there. now we have to go find that information. >> if a house is burning down, you put out the fire and then you investigate it at that point. right now, whoever is responsible for this terrible judgment that has cost at least one person's life and everyone admits it's unfortunately costing more, even the attorney general himself, that person, whoever had that bad judgment, is safely in the justice department make all the other bad judgments. we simply don't know, it's a mystery. and i don't know why the first question by any member of congress is who authorized it, where is that person, and who else was in on it? and that's the house burning down. that's the fire to put out. and i don't get why -- and that's the easy question. >> greta, and that's how you end this. eric holder should have looked across that. his office, and it is on the
7:23 pm
president too. but if you are in that department you want to protect the president and yourself so why wouldn't you pull the tooth that was the bad tooth? >> but you didn't and that question. has anyone asked it? i know he's under oath. just ask him. >> actually i asked the question, i sent him a letter two days ago and said i wanted that to be -- wanted the answer to that question and come to answer that question. it wasn't in his testimony. and the gavel fell on me just as i was prepared to ask it. >> what about your colleagues? to me that's the most important question is whoever is there with this really bad judgment, we need to get out of there or at least identify him or her and the problem is if you didn't get a chance to ask it, why didn't somebody else and it? who is doing this? who has this terrible judgment who has all this responsibility who can order these things? >> i have to admit that was the obvious question and it was also a question grassley wanted to and i intended to get that out
7:24 pm
today. i take some responsibility for that but no one else hooked at it in that same perspective. and they all had their own agenda but i will follow up. i will follow up with the written request to get an answer to that question in some weeks or months. the last time was may 3rd, and we got our answers on october 31st. it takes a long time to get answers out of the attorney general. >> a week ago they sent a letter saying the letter they sent february 4th contained inaccuracies and the justice department said it was a mistake, but here we are 11 months into this, a lot of man hours trying to determine who knew what or did what is people going back and forth from capitol hill to the justice department and documents being scoped we are missing the urgent question and wasting an awful lot of time. >> who authorized it, but at what point should they have drawn the line and stopped it. >> that's another question but first let's put out the fire. >> you put out the fire by
7:25 pm
bringing the person out to the front and that's one way to get it over with. i don't think they will get it over with until we identify the highest rankling individual that authorized it. there's not a reason for eric holder to protect an individual below him and all of them are under fire now anyway and being scrutinized and they are impugned in this in some way. why would not eric holder do that unless it leads to him or the president? that's my question. >> should eric holder resign? >> i'm not calling for that and the reason i haven't is i want to get to the bottom of it as attorney general. >> that's what i think, you lose control a little bit but i don't think there is a lot of control because i think it was pretty simple inquiry he is dodging. but that's what i think to get the answer. >> and if i throw another piece in here too that emerged today. and not in a straight factual basis but allegation toss that effect, that some of the mexican leadership, and including the chair of the judiciary committee
7:26 pm
within the mexican legislator said there were at least 150,000 mexicans that died and maybe that number has doubled by now. so we see brian terry as a loss but in mexico there had 150 or maybe twice that number that have played that price for this tragic mistake. >> congressman, thanks for joining us tonight. >> thanks, greta. >> coming up, a snapshot of what a newt gingrich white house would look like. he wants ambassador bolden to be his secretary of state. but would he want it or take it? and tonight there are new poll results. results that may turn your current predicts upside down. those latest numbers are coming up. [ male announcer ] in his eyes...a race needs no finish line.
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priority mail fla rate shipping at a simpler way to ship. >> a big announcement from former speaker of the house and gop current frontrunner, newt gingrich. he says he knows one person he wants in his cabinet that's correct is if he's elected president. >> if he will accept it, i will ask john bolton to be secretary of state. >> so would the former united states ambassador to the u.n. accept the cabinet post? ambassador john bolton joins us. good evening, sir. there you go. that's the big question everybody wants to know. if speaker gingrich is elected president and he turns to you
7:31 pm
and says i would like you as my secretary of your state your answer would be? >> well, he hasn't talked to me so we will wait and see what will happen. i'm honored anybody would say that but it's presummuous for people in that position to be accepting or not. the focus has to be on nominating the best candidate we can and replacing president obama. once that objective is achieved, then we can play the game of who is going to be in the cabinet and who is going to have senior position. i think there's some advantage to candidates talking about who they might have in their cabinet. governor romney, for example, was asked a question whether he would consider rudy giuliani as an attorney general and he said yes, he would consider him, among others. it helps the candidates show what their political thinking is. but it helps the dialogue a little bit. >> you said that would he consider someone like rudy
7:32 pm
giuliani, it's a little bit different than i think speaker beginning actually said this is the person i would ask. he was much more specific. i'm sort of curious, is that a job -- is there any reason why you wouldn't accept that job? >> well, again, i think it's presumptuous to be measuring the drapes in any of the offices when you are asked to serve in a position like that. it is a high honor, and i have been very privileged to have some senior positions in the justice department and the state department. so obviously that crosses your mind. but again, i think you have got to keep your eyes on the prize here, all of us do. and the prize is the 2012 election because of the threats that the united states faces. that's something i have been talking about for quite some time. i don't think we've had an adequate debate under president obama about the national security threats we face. so those are the issues i think we need to concentrate on. the personnel decisions are quite important, obviously, but i think they are secondary to
7:33 pm
the first personnel decision, which is getting a new president. >> in terms of national security, which of the candidates do you think is the strongest on national security, at least things that you could sort of work with or you think would do the best job for national security from your perspective? >> i thought newt had pretty good insight from that one comment. but i haven't endorsed anybody. i'm still happy to be talking to a number of the candidates and happy to provide whatever support i can to all of them at this point. i really have as my basic objective having a more intense discussion of the national security challenges we face. president obama appears to be poised to make as his principle argument that under his administration a number of terrorists have been killed and that that ends the for yen policy debates. i certainly congratulate him on those successes but that doesn't make a for yen policy. and the challenges that we face and our friends and allies face
7:34 pm
around the world are growing and we are not responding to them adequately. whoever our nominee is has to be prepared to engage in that debate. >> all right. you had considered a thought about running for president and you decided not to. but i'm curious if you were president tonight what would you be doing about two things, one is iran, which has our stealth drone, and another one that appears to be a deteriorating relationship between united states and pakistan, a relationship that was already not particularly good. >> on the drone there have been reports, at least by the news media, that the president was given a number of options for destroying the drone before the iranians, russians and chinese could exploit their technology and he rejected them because it would be considered an act of war to do that. i don't think that's an accurate analysis. obviously we can't judge the pros and cons of a tough decision to go in and destroy the drone but it bothers me the
7:35 pm
decision appears to have been made on what i would consider a kind of fatuous ground. i think the president is still looking to negotiate with iran over the nuclear weapons program and i think that's a big mistake. on pakistan, it is a very difficult relationship. a friend of mine in the state department said pakistan is the only government that's composed simultaneously of arsonists and firefighters. people who have supported terrorists like taliban and al-qaeda at the same time they are supposed to be on our side. i just think we have to work more with the civilian leadership, with the military leadership and convince them of what should be obvious, if they don't help us suppress terrorism, not just in afghanistan, but in their own country, they will be eaten by the alligators next and then the really dangerous outcome is pack stance nuclear weapons fall into the hands of radicals which becomes an immediate global threat. >> all right.
7:36 pm
a huge discussion, but work more with the civilian government. they already have a weak civilian government. and in terms of the military. the pakistan military is enraged because we went in and took out osama bin laden. so it's not like we have a lot to work with there. >> it's a very difficult relationship and i understand why people are frustrated but i think you just have to great your teeth. you can't throw them under the bus and say we are going to cut off all aid as long as they have nuclear weapons. they have leverage and we have a lot of leverage too. we need to use it more effectively and bear down on it. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> the new numbers, they are astounding. now policy from the swing states. now does romney and gingrich stack up against president obama? you will find out next. and which is the candidate is pulling out all the stops to get donald trump's endorsement? what is the secret strategy? well, a very funny video you
7:37 pm
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>> new polls from the swing states in just 60 seconds. first let's go to the new york newsroom. we have the other headlines. >> hi, greta, bullets at virginia particular again, five years after they were the home to the worst-of campus shooting. police was killed in parking lot and the suspect was found nearby. students were in lock down and faculty members were warned to stay indoors. five years ago someone opened fire and killed 33 people on cam bus. and former penn state coach jair sandusky is free tonight after posting $250,000 bail. the 67-year-old faces more than 50 charges stemming from accusations he molested ten boys. meanwhile sandusky's wife spoke out today saying her husband is innocent and would not harm
7:42 pm
children. now back to on the record. >> the most sought-after states, florida, ohio and pennsylvania, the all-important swing states. tonight we have brand new poll numbers. who wins these swing states? the latest poll shows in a primary former speaker of the house newt gingrich takes a commanding lead over governor mitt romney in florida, ohio and pennsylvania. does that mean speaker gingrich is a safe bet for the republicans? not so fast. it might all change when you put gingrich and romney up against president obama. for a closer look at those numbers, johnathan joins us. nice to see you. >> hi, greta. >> when you put those numbers up, president obama against mitt romney or newt beginning, who comes out ahead? >> romney comes out ahead. and romney is consistently ahead of gingrich when he's matched up against president obama. what you have here is this interesting dynamic of newt gingrich kind of mopping the
7:43 pm
floor with mitt romney in the primary policy but when they are head-to-head against obama, romney has the advantage, he may be the more electable candidate. >> what what is the popular thinking or the conventional wisdom as to why that would be? >> just that he's a little bit less hot of a figure. he's kind of focused on the economy a little bit more, a little bit more moderate for different reasons. he's a little bit more appealing. he appeals to the independent voters better than gingrich does. >> and in florida gingrich is mopping the floor with romney. 52-34. it's huge n ohio gingrich is ahead 55 to 28 over romney. that's also huge. and pennsylvania, 50 over 31%. it's amazing in the primary in those three important states, florida, ohio and pennsylvania, gingrich is just cleaning up. >> yeah. it is really impressive. one thing to keep in mind here,
7:44 pm
florida is an important primary state but it's not iowa and it's not new hampshire. those are really the key ones we are looking at here, and new hampshire romney is still ahead. the other thing to keep in mind, this is a very fluid and dynamic race. if you look at newt gingrich's rice in the polls, it has almost the same profile as rick perry and we know where he is now so it could change in a heartbeat. >> i should point out in terms of the polls, the match-up between president obama and not rim and president obama and speaker gingrich, the margin is not that wide. take florida, president obama -- or take pennsylvania. president obama would beat governor romney 46% to 43. that's not very much. he would beat gingrich 48 to 40%. in ohio the numbers are a little closer. there governor romney would beat president obama 43% to 42%. and speaker gingrich would have the same, would also beat him in
7:45 pm
ohio. >> it's not a huge difference. it's not like the difference we see between gingrich and romney in the primary polls. but it's other a significant difference and we see it repeated in poll after poll. we see it in the national polls when they are matched up against obama and we see it in the breakout of other polls where you see the independents slightly preferring romney. that's where he gets the edge. >> and it's like the margin of error when you compare the two. governor romney and speaker gingrich are slightly the same, except that governor romney edges ahead. >> it's 4 to 7 points in most polls. that is in the margin of error of some polls, but when you see it repeated over a dozen polls or so you can kind of take that to the bank that there's a significant edge there. >> is governor romney's campaign sweating these polls? >> they are, you know, preparing a big attack on newt gingrich. and just tonight they accidentally leaked an attack ad
7:46 pm
against gingrich, which i have yet to see. i just saw it on my phone on the way over here, which is a sign that they are kind of getting ready to launch a big attack on gingrich. >> there are two different ways to attack, one is to attack someone's record and the other is to attack someone personally. there's an ad out today that covertly attacks his personal past. do you have any idea what this one is tonight? >> that's like a contrast ad. what they are doing is saying mitt romney is such a great family man -- >> well, a nod and a wink. >> everything knows gingrich has had three wives and each time he married again it was because he was having an affair with the next wife. that's the implied. >> but the new one, was it accidentally leaked? >> it's a full minute. goes into a far greater number of subjects and attacks them head on and they had a big campaign call this morning roaming gingrich with two surrogates. >> so it's coming on full steam?
7:47 pm
>> oh, yeah. they are scared. >> and the ads tonight, did they intend to release the ad you are talking about tonight. >> they said they did not intend to release it. >> that's sort of awkward >> they said it's unfinished, so awkward. it could be kind of like a unique social media strategy almost. >> or they are doing a trial balloon up there? >> he who knows. i doubt it, but it's possible. >> and i don't remember it being so aggressive between candidates within a party. i guess it does when you get down to the wire. >> hillary and barack obama. >> the 3:00 phone call? >> it was pretty brutal. >> so how about the other candidates? in iowa -- see, i thought rick santorum was going to surprise us and come in second. >> he's worked the hardest in iowa p and one of the reasons this is still going to be unpredictable, because the candidates haven't launched a traditional campaign there, except for him. so we could see the polls not really reflecting reality because candidates aren't able to get their voters to the caucus.
7:48 pm
>> it will be interesting. and i will keep my eye on senator santorum for probably second place but that's just wild guess. thank you. >> thank you. >> and no, it's not an episode of jersey shore, it is governor chris christie talking tough again. see what set him off this time. and it's been six months since the royal wedding. why did the palace just release a new photo and why are the wedding stars cut out of the picture? anted support for my he. and now i get it from centrum specialist heart. new centrum specialist vision... helps keep my eyes healthy. centrum specialist energy... helps me keep up with them. centrum specialist prenatal... supports my child's growth and development. new centrum specialt is a complete multivitamin that gives me all the benefits of centrum. plus additional support... [ all ] for what's important to me. [ male announcer ] new centrum specialist helps make nutrition possible.
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>> you've seen our top stories but here is the absolute best of the rest. is governor chris christie part of the occupy movement? do you wonder why we ask? did you see his run-in with the protesters? >> chris christie! [chanting] >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. you know, i'll tell ya. >> sure. [chanting] >> you are so angry, aren't you? so angry. so terrible. hey, let them continue. hey, let them continue. work it all out. work it all out for yourselves. listen, you know what?
7:53 pm
we're used to dealing with jokers like this in new jersey all the time. don't you worry about it. >> later governor chris christie said the protestors were just angry. and shocking video out of china. you can see a police officer, he is college to go the windshield of a speeding cab, the illegal taxi driver hit him. the cab speeds around the city. the cab goes more than 90 miles an hour at times and it's all caught on camera. finally other police catch up to the taxi and the brave officer survives the ordeal >> and it is the season for giving. and that became very clear in one kansas town. someone dropped a diamond into a salvation army kettle. they found it while going through the other donations. they almost threw it away because it's wrapped in paper. now they plan to sell it to raise money for charity. >> if you haven't gotten enough of the royal wedding, the palace
7:54 pm
just released a new photo you probably haven't seen, at least not yet. but here's the odd twist, prince william and kate aren't in it. he picked the snapshot for his christmas card this year. the little girl is camilla's grand daughter. would you run a marathon in the wenter? if your answer is yes, running a marathon in antarctica. 27 miles in sub zero temperatures. 36 runners did. they bundled up at a camp in antarctica. forget ice-cold water, they rehydrated with hot drinks and snacks. our executive producer wanted to run with them but fox said she would not give her the time off this year, but maybe next year. all right, maybe i made that part up about the executive producer, but the rest is there.
7:55 pm
which of these candidates are getting the support of donald? we will see coming up. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents: the cold truth. i habe a cohd. and i toog nyguil bud i'm stild stubbed up. [ male announcer ] sorry, buddy. truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. really? [ male announcer ] you need a more complete cold formula, like alka-seltzer plus liquid gels. it's specially formulated to fight your worst cold symptoms, plus relieve your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights because it is time for last call. whether admitting it or not, each candidate wants donald trump's endorsement. the former speaker newt gingrich went a bit too much. >> talking to donald trump to discuss the election. >> it's amazing. how well he's doing. and how resonating with so many people. >> it's fascinating you can see trump has had an influence on newt gingrich. i saw him today on another cable show. >> i think you could say to other states... >> okay. that is funny z anyway that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. thanks for being with us


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